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Books: Appointment With Death
Agatha Christie, 2008

Appointment With Death

Agatha Christie detective

Books: At Betram's Hotel
Agatha Christie, 2008

At Betram

Agatha Christie detective

Books: The Man In Lower Ten
Agatha Christie, 2008

The Man In Lower Ten

Agatha Christie detective

Books: Surprise! Surprise!
Agatha Christie, 1966

Surprise! Surprise!

Agatha Christie detective

Books: Passenger To Frankfurt
Agatha Christie, 1970

Passenger To Frankfurt

"When a bored diplomat is approached in a bleak airport by a woman whose life is in danger, he agrees in a moment of weakness to lend her his passport and boarding ticket. Suddenly, Stafford Nye's own…

Books: The Seven Dials Mystery
Agatha Christie, 1929

The Seven Dials Mystery


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