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Books: The Moving Finger
Agatha Christie, 1942

The Moving Finger

"Jerry and Joanna Burton, disaffected siblings from London society, take a country house in idyllic Lymstock so that Jerry can rest from injuries received in a wartime plane crash. They are just getti…

Books: The Secret Of Chimneys
Agatha Christie, 1925

The Secret Of Chimneys

"Bulawayo. Of all places for Anthony Cade to run into his old friend Jimmy McGrath! But then again, for men with as much in common as they had — both adventurers and soldiers of fortune, both sharing …

Books: The mirror cracked from side to side
Agatha Christie, 1962

The mirror cracked from side to side

"At first, detecting the murderer is extremely difficult because there seems to be no motive. Because Marina Gregg had given Heather Badcock her own drink shortly after meeting her it is assumed that …

Books: The Mysterious Affair At Styles
Agatha Christie, 1920

The Mysterious Affair At Styles

"The novel is set in England during World War I at Styles, an Essex country manor (also the setting of Curtain, Poirot's last case). Late one night, the residents of Styles wake to find Emily Ingletho…

Books: Dumb Witness
Agatha Christie, 1937

Dumb Witness

"Emily Arundell writes to Hercule Poirot because she believes she has been the victim of attempted murder. However, before Poirot can consult her for the details, she dies. Poirot decides to investiga…

Books: Death in the Clouds
Agatha Christie, 1935

Death in the Clouds

"Frustrated with the evident artificiality of the blowpipe: an item that could hardly have been used without being seen by another passenger, Poirot suggests that the means of delivering the dart may …


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