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Books: The Abc Murders
Agatha Christie, 1936

The Abc Murders

"A serial killer is murdering apparently random people in order of their names: first Alice Ascher of Andover, second Betty Barnard of Bexhill-on-Sea, third Sir Carmichael Clarke of Churston (a small …

Books: Cards On The Table
Agatha Christie, 1936

Cards On The Table

"At an exhibition of snuff boxes, Hercule Poirot meets Mr. Shaitana. The extravagant Shaitana claims that he collects items that may be of interest to Poirot. When the Belgian detective inquires what …

Books: Crooked House
Agatha Christie, 1949

Crooked House

"The first person narrator is Charles Hayward who, towards the end of the Second World War, occupies some post in Cairo. There he meets Sophia Leonides, a smart, successful young Englishwoman who work…

Books: Murder in Mesopotamia
Agatha Christie, 1936

Murder in Mesopotamia

"Amy Leatheran is traveling in Iraq when she meets Mr. Leidner, who asks her if she can look after his unstable wife. She has been frightened by weird goings on, such as a ghostly face appearing just …

Books: Murder On The Orient Express
Agatha Christie, 1934

Murder On The Orient Express

"Returning from an important case in Syria, Hercule Poirot boards the Orient Express in Istanbul. The train is unusually crowded for the time of year and Poirot is able to secure a place only with the…

Books: Lord Edgware Dies
Agatha Christie, 1933

Lord Edgware Dies

"Jane Wilkinson, an actress, is suspected of murdering her husband, the fourth Baron Edgware, so that she can marry another man. Jane asks Poirot to convince her husband to agree to a divorce. When he…


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