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Books: Dead Man's Folly
Agatha Christie, 1956

Dead Man

When Ariadne Oliver, the mystery novelist, summons Poirot to join her at a country house in Devon, he is respectful enough of her “intuition” to do so immediately. When she tells him, however, that sh…

Books: Poirot's Early Cases
Agatha Christie, 1974


"Despite the fact that the stories contained within the volume had all appeared in previous US collections, the book also appeared there later in 1974 under the slightly different title of Hercule Poi…

Books: Mrs Mcgintys Dead
Agatha Christie, 1952

Mrs Mcgintys Dead

Poirot, disillusioned by the “senseless cruel brutality” of modern crime, pays no attention to the sad case of Mrs. McGinty, an old woman apparently struck dead by her lodger for thirty pounds that sh…

Books: After The Funeral
Agatha Christie, 1953

After The Funeral

After the funeral of the wealthy Richard Abernethie, his remaining family assembles for the reading of the will. The death, though sudden, was not unexpected and natural causes have been given as the …

Books: A Caribbean Mystery
Agatha Christie, 1964

A Caribbean Mystery

"Would you like to see a picture of a murderer?", Jane Marple is asked by a stranger whilst on a luxurious holiday in the Caribbean. But before she has a chance to answer, the man clams up and abruptl…

Books: Cat Among The Pigeons
Agatha Christie, 1959

Cat Among The Pigeons

At the start of the Summer Term at Meadowbank School for Girls, there is no reason for Miss Bulstrode, the popular but aging Headmistress, to believe that the challenges facing her will be more than t…


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