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Books: Mystery Of The Blue Train
Agatha Christie, 1928

Mystery Of The Blue Train

"Poirot boards Le Train Bleu, bound for the French Riviera. So does Katherine Grey, who is having her first winter out of England, after having inherited a huge sum in a most romantic manner. While on…

Books: Death On The Nile
Agatha Christie, 1937

Death On The Nile

While dining at chic restaurant, Chez Ma Tante, Poirot overhears Jacqueline de Bellefort and Simon Doyle speaking to one another, and is concerned by the depth of her love for him. When next he meets …

Books: Sittaford Mystery
Agatha Christie, 1931

Sittaford Mystery

"In a remote house in the middle of Dartmoor, six shadowy figures huddle around a small round table for a seance. Tension rises as the spirits spell out a chilling message: 'Captain Trevelyan...dead..…

Books: The Burden
Agatha Christie, 1956

The Burden

When Laura Franklin's younger sister Shirley comes into the world, Laura instantly resents her, and soon begins wish and even to pray that her baby sister will die. But after saving Shirley's life in …

Books: Hickory Dickory Death
Agatha Christie, 1955

Hickory Dickory Death

An outbreak of apparent kleptomania at a student hostel is not normally the sort of crime that arouses Hercule Poirot's interest. But when he sees the bizarre list of stolen and vandalized items - inc…

Books: Parker Pyne Investigates
Agatha Christie, 1934

Parker Pyne Investigates

"Christopher Parker Pyne is a retired government employee who considers himself to be a ""detective of the heart."" He works alongside his neurotic assistant Miss Lemon, novelist Ariadne Oliver, hands…


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