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Books: Murder At The Vicarage
Agatha Christie, 1930

Murder At The Vicarage

"In St. Mary Mead, no one is more despised than Colonel Protheroe. Even the local vicar has said that killing him would be doing a service to the townsfolk. So when Protheroe is found murdered in the …

Books: N Or M?
Agatha Christie, 1941

N Or M?

"After the outbreak of the Second World War and many years after they worked for British intelligence, Tommy and Tuppence Beresford feel useless and sidelined. When Tommy is approached to go undercove…

Books: Nemesis
Agatha Christie, 1971


"Receiving a letter from the recently deceased Mr Jason Rafiel, a millionnaire she encountered during a holiday on which she encounters a murder, Miss Marple learns that he has asked her to look into …

Books: The ozone layer: a philosophy of science perspective
Christie M., 2001

The ozone layer: a philosophy of science perspective

The Ozone Layer is an accessible history of stratospheric ozone, from its discovery in the nineteenth century to current investigations of the Antarctic ozone hole. Drawing directly on the scientific …

Books: They Do It With Mirrors
Agatha Christie, 1947

They Do It With Mirrors

"As the story opens, Miss Jane Marple is paying a visit to her old friend Ruth Van Rydock. Miss Marple, Ruth, and Ruth's sister Carrie Louise were all friends together at the same school in Italy when…

Books: Taken At The Flood
Agatha Christie, 1948

Taken At The Flood

"While visiting the Coronation Club, Hercule Poirot hears Major Porter talking about Gordon Cloade, who has been killed along with almost his entire household during the Blitz. He has been survived on…


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