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Books: Kamasutra
Anne Hooper, 2008


"Kamasutra, (also Kama Sutra), is an ancient Indian text widely considered to be the standard work on love in Sanskrit literature. It is said to be authored by Mallanaga Vatsyayana. A portion of the w…

Books: Планета динозавров ii
Энн Маккефри

Планета динозавров ii

Anne McCaffrey "The Survivors (Dinosaur Planet II)" (c) Survivors, 1984 by Anne McCaffrey (c) Перевод, Чупрова Е., 1997 Изд. "АРМАДА", Москва, 1997 OSR&Spellcheck: Д.Гордеев (, 20.05…

Books: История похитителя тел
Энн Райс

История похитителя тел

Как мучительно одиночество! Мир неожиданно предстает совершенно иным, и даже в душу вампира закрадываются сомнения. Именно они заставляют бесстрашного и неотразимого Принца Тьмы – Вампира Лестата пойт…

Books: Death in the Clouds
Agatha Christie, 1935

Death in the Clouds

"Frustrated with the evident artificiality of the blowpipe: an item that could hardly have been used without being seen by another passenger, Poirot suggests that the means of delivering the dart may …

Books: Discover True North - A Program To Ignite Your Passion And Activate Your Potential

Discover True North - A Program To Ignite Your Passion And Activate Your Potential

Created by leading motivational speaker and corporate trainer Anne Bruce, this highly effective plan helps participants discover their own true north in order to find a focus for success. Throughout D…

Books: Cards On The Table
Agatha Christie, 1936

Cards On The Table

"At an exhibition of snuff boxes, Hercule Poirot meets Mr. Shaitana. The extravagant Shaitana claims that he collects items that may be of interest to Poirot. When the Belgian detective inquires what …
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