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Books: Stochastic Processes
Bochner S., 1947

Stochastic  Processes

This is text of paper from "The Annals of Mathematics", 2nd Ser., Vol. 48, No. 4 (Oct., 1947), 1014-1061.

Books: Several Complex Variables
Bochner S., Martin W.T., 1948

Several Complex Variables

Several Complex Variables

Books: Fourier Transforms
Bochner S., Chandrasekharan K., 1949

Fourier Transforms

Fourier Transforms

Books: Curvature and homology
Goldberg S.I., 1998

Curvature and homology

A systematic and self-contained treatment, this revised edition examines the topology of differentiable manifolds, curvature and homology of Riemannian manifolds, compact Lie groups, complex manifolds…


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