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Books: Orders of infinity
Hardy G.H., 1910

Orders of infinity

The ideas of Du Bois-Reyinond's Infinitdrcalcul are of great and growing importance in all branches of the theory of functions. With the particular system of notation that he invented, it is, no doubt…

Books: Tables of Indefinite Integrals
Bois P.G., 1961

Tables of Indefinite Integrals

Over 2,500 integrals—from simple to complex; 49 common transformations of integral expressions; algebraic functions covering irrational monomials, sums and differences of binomials, products and quoti…

Books: Noise, oscillators and algebraic randomness
Planat M., 2000

Noise, oscillators and algebraic randomness

Presents the lecture of a school held in Chapelle des Bois, France, April 5-10, 1999. The lectures address the algebraic structure of noise in digital communication systems, time standards, and other …


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