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Books: Lectures on D-modules
Ginzburg V., 1998

Lectures on D-modules

These are lecture notes of a course given at the University of Chicago in Winter 1998. The purpose of the lectures is to give an introduction to the theory of modules over the (sheaf of) algebras of a…

Books: Mixed motives
Levine M., 1998

Mixed motives

The author constructs and describes a triangulated category of mixed motives over an arbitrary base scheme. The resulting cohomology theory satisfies the Bloch-Ogus axioms; if the base scheme is a smo…

Books: Quantum chromodynamics
Marciano W., Pagels H., 1978

Quantum  chromodynamics

Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD) is a quantum field theory of the strong interaction with non-abelian gauge fields mediating the interactions between quarks. The experimentally observed strong interaction…
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