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Books: Introduction to relativity

Introduction to relativity

Introduction to relativity

Books: High-energy particle diffraction
Barone V., Predazzi E., 2002

High-energy particle diffraction

This monograph gives a comprehensive and up-to-date overview of soft and hard diffraction processes in strong interaction physics. The first part covers the general formalism (the optical analogy, the…

Books: Dual-resonance models
Mandelstam L. I., 1974

Dual-resonance models

Dual-resonance models are treated both as S-matrix theories and as systems of interacting strings. We show how Veneziano was able to construct a dual four-point amplitude with narrow resonances and ri…

Books: Light cone and short distances
Frishman Y., 1974

Light cone and short distances

In this article short distance and almost light-like distance behaviour of operator products are discussed. In particular, products of electromagnetic and weak currents are treated and applications ma…


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