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Books: Undergraduate algebraic geometry
Reid M., 1988

Undergraduate algebraic geometry

Algebraic geometry is, essentially, the study of the solution of equations and occupies a central position in pure mathematics. With the minimum of prerequisites, Dr. Reid introduces the reader to the…

Books: Thinking in PostScript
Reid G., 1990

Thinking in PostScript

This hands-on guide shows readers how to "think" in PostScript, providing both new and experienced PostScript programmers with ideas and techniques to better manipulate and optimize PostScript functio…

Books: Undergraduate commutative algebra
Reid M., 1995

Undergraduate commutative algebra

These are notes from a commutative algebra course taught at the University of Warwick several times since 1978. In addition to standard material, the book contrasts the methods and ideology of abstrac…

Books: Fortran 90, 95 explained
Metcalf M., Reid J., 1999

Fortran 90, 95 explained

There are two types of essential books to be on your bookshelves. Books to learn from and books to reference.This book is the essential reference. Once you learn Fortran, this is the book to turn to w…

Books: Stability and Transition in Shear Flows
Schmid P.J., Henningson D.S., 2001

Stability and Transition in Shear Flows

This book is a detailed look at some of the more modern issues of hydrodynamic stability, including transient growth, eigenvalue spectra, secondary instability. Analytical results and numerical simula…

Books: The Theory of the Design of Experiments
Cox D. R., Reid N., 2000

The Theory of the Design of Experiments

Why study the theory of experiment design? Although it can be useful to know about special designs for specific purposes, experience suggests that a particular design can rarely be used directly. It n…


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