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Books: Catalysts for fine chemical synthesis (Vol.1)
Roberts S.M., Poignant G., 2002

Catalysts for fine chemical synthesis (Vol.1)

Vol. 1 contains a report by Stanley M. Roberts on the integration of biotransformations into the catalyst portfolio.The procedure section contains a wide variety of synthetic protocols, such as epoxid…

Books: The City: A Guide to London Global Financial Centre
Richard Roberts, 2004

The City: A Guide to London Global Financial Centre

Audience: Finance practitioners, commentators, and observers

Books: Organic Syntheses (vol. 41)
Roberts J.D., Boekelheide V., Melvin S.N. (eds.), 1961

Organic Syntheses (vol. 41)

Organic Syntheses (vol. 41)

Books: Convex Functions
Roberts A.W., Varberg D.E., 1973

Convex Functions

Convex Functions

Books: Il Pensiero Ricorsivo
Roberts E.S., 1986

Il Pensiero Ricorsivo

Il Pensiero Ricorsivo

Books: Cards On The Table
Agatha Christie, 1936

Cards On The Table

"At an exhibition of snuff boxes, Hercule Poirot meets Mr. Shaitana. The extravagant Shaitana claims that he collects items that may be of interest to Poirot. When the Belgian detective inquires what …


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