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Books: Abelian varieties
Mumford D.

Abelian varieties

Books: Abelian varieties, theta functions, and the Fourier transform
Polishchuk A., 2002

This book is a modern treatment of the theory of theta functions in the context of algebraic geometry. The novelty of its approach lies in the systematic use of the Fourier-Mukai transform. Alexander …

Books: Degeneration of Abelian Varieties
Faltings G., Chai C., 1990

Degeneration of Abelian Varieties

Books: Complex Abelian Varieties
Birkenhake C., Lange H., 2004

May be used as an introduction or reference. Covers the theory of abelian varieties over the field of complex numbers. Topics include projective embeddings of an abelian variety including their equati…

Books: Abelian categories. Introduction to theory of functors
Freyd P., 1984

Abelian categories. Introduction to theory of functors


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