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Books: Adaptive filtering and change detection
Gustafsson F., 2000

This is a good book in terms of the topics selected and the approaches adopted...useful for all specialists interested in digital signal processing, who will find the book an indispensable and enlight…

Books: Adaptive control design and analysis
Tao G., 2003

Perceiving a need for a systematic and unified understanding of adaptive control theory, electrical engineer Tao presents and analyzes common design approaches with the aim of covering the fundamental…

Books: Error-controlled adaptive finite elements in solid mechanics
Stein E. (ed.), Ramm E., 2003

Finite Element Methods are used for numerous engineering applications where numerical solutions of partial differential equations are needed. As computers can now deal with the millions of parameters …

Books: Adaptive optics engineering handbook
Tyson R.K. (ed.), 2000

Eleven chapters provide guidance for the development and implementation of adaptive optics systems to enhance their ability to adjust for atmospheric turbulence, optical fabrication errors, thermally …

Books: Adaptive object-oriented software. The Demetr method
Lieberherr K., 1996

This book presents a complete, well-designed methodology for adaptive programming in C++ and tools for supporting the methodology. And because the methodology is programming-language independent, any …

Books: Stochastic Systems: Estimation, Identification, and Adaptive Control
Kumar P.R., Varaiya P., 1986

Stochastic Systems: Estimation, Identification, and Adaptive Control
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