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Books: Advances in Chemical Physics. The Role of Degenerate States in Chemistry, Vol. 124
Baer M., Billing G.D. (eds.), 2002

A special topics volume on the role of degenerate states in the leading series on chemical physicsEdited by Nobel Prize-winner Ilya Prigogine and renowned authority Stuart A. Rice, the Advances in Che…

Books: Advances in Nuclear Physics (Vol 24)
Negele J.W., Vogt N., 2002

This year's four articles address topics ranging from the nature of the substructure of the nucleon and the deuteron to the general properties of the nucleus, including its phase transitions and its r…

Books: Advances in Silicon Carbide Processing and Applications
Saddow S.E., Agarwal A., 2004

Written by and for electrical engineers, this volume focuses on two of the most promising applications of SiC technology: gas and chemical sensing, and electric vehicle motor drive and control. The co…

Books: Multilevel modeling: methodological advances, issues, and applications
Reise S.P., Duan N., 2002

Researchers in multilevel modeling (MLM) report on new statistical advances, methodological issues, and applications in MLM, and examine problems that occur when trying to use MLM in applied research …

Books: Advances in Chemical Physics, Volume 122, Dynamical Systems and Irreversibility
Antoniou I., 2002

Edited by Nobel Prize winner Ilya Prigogine and renowned authority Stuart A. Rice, the Advances in Chemical Physics series provides a forum for critical, authoritative evaluations in every area of the…

Books: Advances in number theory
Gouvéa F.Q., Yui N., 1991

The Proceedings of the Third Conference of the Canadian Number Theory Association August 18-24, 1991
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