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Books: Computational aspects of commutative algebra
Robbiano L., 1989

We give a self-contained exposition of Mayr & Meyer's example of a polynomial ideal exhibiting double exponential degrees for the ideal membership problem, and generalise this example to exhibit minim…

Books: Typeset with ams-latex

Typeset with ams-latex

Books: Mathematics, basic math and algebra (Navy course)
United States NAVY, 1985

This course provides a review of basic arithmetic and continues through some of the early stages of algebra. Emphasis is placed on decimals, percentages and measurements, exponents, radicals and logar…

Books: Mathematical monographs

Mathematical monographs

Books: An introduction to dynamic games

An introduction to dynamic games

Books: Group Characters, Symmetric Functions, and the Hecke Algebra (University Lecture, Vol. 4)
Goldschmidt D.M., 1993

Directed at graduate students and mathematicians, this book covers an unusual set of interrelated topics, presenting a self-contained exposition of the algebra behind the Jones polynomial along with v…


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