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Books: Riemann-Roch algebra
Fulton W., Lang S., 1985

Riemann-Roch algebra

Books: Abstract algebra: the basic graduate year
Ash R.B., 2000

Abstract algebra: the basic graduate year

Books: Commutative algebra with a view toward algebraic geometry
Eisenbud D., 1995

Commutative Algebra is best understood with knowledge of the geometric ideas that have played a great role in its formation, in short, with a view towards algebraic geometry. The author presents a com…

Books: Modern Algebra with Applications
Gilbert W.J., Nicholson W.K., 2004

As a cornerstone of mathematical science, the importance of modern algebra and discrete structures to many areas of science and technology is apparent and growing—with extensive use in computing scien…

Books: Algorithmic algebra
Mishra B., 1993

Four main topics are covered: Gr:;obner bases, characteristic sets, resultants and semialgebraic sets. The text is written for theoretical computer science students who would like to do research or un…

Books: A course in commutative algebra
Ash R.B., 2003

A course in commutative algebra


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