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Books: Undergraduate commutative algebra
Reid M., 1995

These are notes from a commutative algebra course taught at the University of Warwick several times since 1978. In addition to standard material, the book contrasts the methods and ideology of abstrac…

Books: Basic theorems in partial differential algebra
Seidenberg A., 1958

Basic theorems in partial differential algebra

Books: Linear Algebra: Gateway to Mathematics
Messer R., 1997

Since many students feel uncomfortable at first or unfamiliar with the theoretical nature of many topics in linear algebra, numerous discussions of the logical structure of proofs, the need to transla…

Books: Combinatorial Commutative Algebra
Miller E., Sturmfels B., 2004

Combinatorial commutative algebra is an active area of research with thriving connections to other fields of pure and applied mathematics. This book provides a self-contained introduction to the subje…

Books: Current algebra and anomalies
Treiman S.B., Jackiw R., Zumino B., 1985

Current algebra remains our most successful analysis of fundamental particle interactions. This collection of surveys on current algebra and anomalies is a successor volume to Lectures On Current Alge…

Books: A course in homological algebra
Hilton P.J., Stammbach U., 1971

This classic book provides a broad introduction to homological algebra, including a comprehensive set of exercises. Since publication of the first edition homological algebra has found a large number …


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