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Books: Differential Equations, Dynamical Systems, and Linear Algebra
Hirsch M.W., Smale S., 1974

This book is about dynamical aspects of ordinary differential equations and the relations between dynamical systems and certain fields outside pure mathematics. A prominent role is played by the struc…

Books: Computer algebra algorithms for orthogonal polynomials and special functions
Wolfram Koepf, 2003

In this minicourse I would like to present computer algebra algorithms for the work with orthogonal polynomials and special functions. All topics are properly introduced, the algorithms are discussed …

Books: Basic category theory

Basic category theory

Books: Event-symmetric space-time

Event-symmetric space-time

Books: Toeplitz and circulant matrices

Toeplitz and circulant matrices

Books: Multilinear Algebra
Greub W.H., 1967

This textbook gives a detailed and comprehensive presentation of the linear algebra based on axiomatic treatment of linear spaces. The author maintains a good balance between modern algebraic interest…


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