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Books: Algebraic Topology
Hatcher A., 2001

In most major universities one of the three or four basic first-year graduate mathematics courses is algebraic topology. This introductory text is suitable for use in a course on the subject or for se…

Books: Algebraic K-theory
Bass H., 1968

Algebraic K-theory

Books: Algebraic Geometry. From varieties to schemes (vol. 1)
Ueno K., 1999

This is the first of three volumes on algebraic geometry. Today, most algebraic geometers are well-versed in the language of schemes, but many newcomers are still initially hesitant about them. Ueno's…

Books: Algebraic Geometry: a first course
Harris J., 2000

This book is intended to introduce students to algebraic geometry; to give them a sense of the basic objects considered, the questions asked about them, and the sort of answers one can expect to obtai…

Books: Algebraic Functions and Projective Curves
Goldschmidt D.M., 2002

This is a self-contained introduction to algebraic functions and projective curves. The author covers a wide range of material by dispensing with the machinery of algebraic geometry and proceeding dir…

Books: Algebraic geometry angers 1979
Beauville A.(red.), 1980

Algebraic geometry angers 1979


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