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Books: Historical development of algebraic geometry
Dieudonne J., 2003

Historical development of algebraic geometry

Books: Algebraic Graph Theory
Godsil C., Royle G., 2001

Algebraic graph theory is a fascinating subject concerned with the interplay between algebra and graph theory. Algebraic tools can be used to give surprising and elegant proofs of graph theoretic fact…

Books: Higher-Dimensional Algebraic Geometry
Debarre O., 2001

Higher-Dimensional Algebraic Geometry studies the classification theory of algebraic varieties. This very active area of research is still developing, but an amazing quantity of knowledge has accumula…

Books: Algebraic projective geometry
Semple J.G., Kneebone G.T., 1952

First published in 1952, this book has proven a valuable introduction for generations of students. It provides a clear and systematic development of projective geometry, building on concepts from line…

Books: Non-commutative Algebraic Geometry
Smith S.P., 2000

This course was read in The Department of Mathematics at the University of Washington in spring and fall 1999.

Books: Algebraic Geometry
Bump D., 1998

A text for a one-year course at the graduate level, for students with substantial background in algebra. Eight chapters contain material applicable to varieties of every dimension, and six chapters co…


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