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Books: Elementary functions: algorithms and implementation
Muller J.-M., 1997

This book gives the concepts and background necessary to understand and build algorithms for computing elementary functions, presenting and structuring the algorithms (hardware- oriented as well as so…

Books: Algorithms for clustering data
Jain A.K., Dubes R.C., 1988

Algorithms for clustering data

Books: Combining pattern classifiers: methods and algorithms
Kuncheva L.I., 2004

Covering pattern classification methods, Combining Classifiers: Ideas and Methods focuses on the important and widely studied issue of how to combine several classifiers together in order to achieve i…

Books: Monte Carlo: concepts, algorithms, and applications
Fishman G.S., 1996

This volume presents a comprehensive first course in the Monte Carlo method which will be suitable for graduate and undergraduate students in the mathematical sciences and engineering, principally in …

Books: Computational Geometry : Algorithms and applications
de Berg M., van Kreveld M., Overmars M., 2000

This well-accepted introduction to computational geometry is a textbook for high-level undergraduate and low-level graduate courses. The focus is on algorithms and hence the book is well suited for st…

Books: Understanding Molecular Simulation: from algorithms to applications
Frenkel D., Smit B., 2002

Understanding Molecular Simulation: From Algorithms to Applications explains the physics behind the "recipes" of molecular simulation for materials science. Computer simulators are continuously confro…


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