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Books: Algorithms in Real Algebraic Geometry
Buchberger B., Arnon D.S., 1988

Algorithms in Real Algebraic Geometry

Books: Algorithms for Linear-Quadratic Optimization
Sima V., 1996

This up-to-date reference offers valuable theoretical, algorithmic, and computational guidelines for solving the most frequently encountered linear-quadratic optimization problems - providing an overv…

Books: Optimal Control of Nonlinear Parabolic Systems: Theory, Algorithms and Applications
Neittaanmaki P., Tiba D., 1994

Presenting the numerical methods necessary to computerize optimal control processes, this reference discusses theoretical approaches to the study of optimal control problems governed by nonlinear para…

Books: Synthesis and optimization of DSP algorithms
Constantinides G.A., Cheung P.Y.K., Luk W., 2004

Synthesis and Optimization of DSP Algorithms describes approaches taken to synthesising structural hardware descriptions of digital circuits from high-level descriptions of Digital Signal Processing (…

Books: Optimization Algorithms in Physics
Hartmann A.K., Rieger H., 2002

The past few years have witnessed a substantial growth in the number of applications for optimization algorithms in solving problems in the field of physics. Examples include determining the structure…

Books: Groebner Deformations of Hypergeometric Differential Equations, Algorithms and Computation in Mathematics, Volume 6
Mitsumi S., Sturmfels B., Takayama N., 2000

In recent years, new algorithms for dealing with rings of differential operators have been discovered and implemented. A main tool is the theory of Groebner bases, which is reexamined here from the po…


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