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Books: Handbook of algorithms and data structures
Gonnet G.H., Baeza-Yates R., 1991

Both this book and the preceding (smaller) edition have earned their place on my reference shelf. More up to date than Knuth's 2nd edition and covering much broader territory than (for example) Samet'…

Books: Neural Networks: Algorithms, Applications, and Programming Techniques
Freeman J.A., Skarupa D.M., 1991

The book explains and deduces mathematically the working principle of many architectures, and presents commented examples (good ones) in structured English (very similar to Pascal).

Books: The art of computer programming (Vol. 1. Fundamental algorithms)
Knuth D.E., 1968

This first volume in the series begins with basic programming concepts and techniques, then focuses more particularly on information structures-the representation of information inside a computer, the…

Books: Genetic algorithms + data structures = evolution programs
Michalewicz Z., 1996

Zbigniew Michalewicz's Genetic Algorithms + Data Structures = Evolution Programs has three sections. The first section is a straightforward introduction to genetic algorithms. In the second section, M…

Books: Algorithms
Sedgewick R., 1983

This book is intended to survey the most important algorithms in use on computers today and to teach fundamental techniques to the growing number of people who are interested in becoming serious compu…

Books: Practical algorithms for image analysis. Description, examples, and code
Seul M., O, 2000

The title says it all. This book was meant to be used. It is organized around a series of transformations that are performed on an image in going from the raw, captured form to usable result. Each ste…


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