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Books: Adaptive Blind Signal and Image Processing: Learning Algorithms and Applications
Cichocki A., Amari Sh.-H., 2002

With solid theoretical foundations and numerous potential applications, Blind Signal Processing (BSP) is one of the hottest emerging areas in Signal Processing. This volume unifies and extends the the…

Books: Evolutionary Algorithms in Theory and Practice
Bäck T., 1996

This book presents a unified view of evolutionary algorithms: the exciting new probabilistic search tools inspired by biological models that have immense potential as practical problem-solvers in a wi…

Books: Modeling the Internet and the Web. Probabilistic Methods and Algorithms
Baldi P., Frasconi P., Smyth P., 2003

The World Wide Web is growing in size at a remarkable rate. It is a huge evolving system and its data are rife with uncertainties. Probability and statistics are the fundamental mathematical tools tha…

Books: Problems on algorithms
Parberry I., 1994

Too often the problem sets in standard algorithm texts are composed of small, idiosyncratic units of busy-work and irrelevant questions — forcing instructors into the time-consuming task of finding or…

Books: Practical Numerical Algorithms for Chaotic Systems
Parker T.S., Chua L.O., 1989

The goal of this book qre to present an elementary introduction on chaotic systems for the non-specialist, and to present and extensive package of computer algorithms ( in the form of pseudocode) for …

Books: Lecture notes on bucket algorithms
Devroye L., 1986

Lecture notes on bucket algorithms


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