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Books: Evolutionary computation (Vol. 1. Basic algorithms and operators)
Back T., Fogel D.B., Michalewicz Z., 2000

The first volume provides a very broad coverage of the "evolutionary" literature. Reading this first volume will probably save you a lot of time. The evolutionary literature actually becomes quite lar…

Books: Practical handbook of genetic algorithms. New frontiers (Vol. 2)
Chambers D.L., 1995

The second volume of two examining genetic algorithms (GA) as a means to assess or develop systems by applying the rules of reproduction, gene crossover, and mutation. Fourteen essays written by disti…

Books: Probabilistic analysis of packing partitioning algorithms
Coffman E.G., Lueker G., 1991

This is a theoretical analysis of a probabilistic approach to solving packing or partitioning algorithms. These generally require the partitioning of a set of nonnegative numbers so that the sums of t…

Books: Algorithms for computer algebra
Geddes K.O., Czapor S.R., Labahn G., 1992

Algorithms for Computer Algebra is the first comprehensive textbook to be published on the topic of computational symbolic mathematics. The book first develops the foundational material from modern al…

Books: Mathematics for the analysis of algorithms
Greene D.H., Knuth D.E., 1990

This book is a gem of problem sets AND solutions, in the field of algorithms. The problems were from actual examinations given at Stanford in various computer science classes. About half the book is g…

Books: Complexity of Algorithms
Gacs P., Lovasz L., 1999

Complexity of Algorithms


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