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Books: Recurrent neural networks for prediction: learning algorithms, architectures and stability
Mandic D.P., Chambers J.A., 2001

Within this text neural networks are considered as massively interconnected nonlinear adaptive filters. Offers a new insight into the learning algorithms, architectures and stability of recurrent neur…

Books: Data structures and algorithms 3: multi-dimensional searching and computational geometry
Mehlhorn K., 1984

Data structures and algorithms 3: multi-dimensional searching and computational geometry

Books: The analysis of algorithms
Purdom R.W., Brown C.A., 1985

The purpose of this book is to teach the tequniques needed to analyze algorithms. Students should have a background in computer science up through data structures and in mathematics through calculus. …

Books: Data Structures and Algorithms. Vol.1: Sorting and Searching
Mehlhorn K., 1984

This text is, primarily, about data structures and their performance, and, secondarily, about algorithms. It has been written for a junior- or senior-level course in data structures. My goals are to i…

Books: Data structures and network algorithms
Tarjan R.E., 1983

The first half of the book covers the data structures used in solving the network problems that are presented in the second half. These data structures including disjoint sets, heaps, and search trees…

Books: Evolutionary Algorithms. The Role of Mutation and Recombination
Spears W.M., 2000

Despite decades of work in evolutionary algorithms, there remains an uncertainty as to the relative benefits and detriments of using recombination or mutation. This book provides a characterization of…


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