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Books: Applications of classical physics
Blandford R.D., Thorne K.S, 2003

Applications of classical physics

Books: Quantum mechanics - Concepts and applications
Biwas T., 1999

this book has been designed for the first course in quantum mechanics at the graduate level. The students is expected to be familiar with the physical principles behind basic ideas like the Planck hyp…

Books: MySQL/PHP Database Applications
Bulger B., Greenspan J., Wall D., 2003

This guide explains how to write web-based applications with PHP and MySQL and get data-driven web sites up and running, then walks through a sample guest book, survey, content management system, disc…

Books: Differential Geometry and Its Applications
Oprea J., 1997

Designed not just for the math major but for all readers of science, this book provides an introduction to the basics of the calculus of variations and optimal control theory as well as differential g…

Books: Digital Audio Broadcasting: Principles and Applications of Digital Radio
Hoeg W., Lauterbach T., 2003

This comprehensive reference provides an excellent guide for broadcasting engineers, planning and system engineers, developers for professional and domestic equipment manufacturers, service and networ…

Books: Advances in Silicon Carbide Processing and Applications
Saddow S.E., Agarwal A., 2004

Written by and for electrical engineers, this volume focuses on two of the most promising applications of SiC technology: gas and chemical sensing, and electric vehicle motor drive and control. The co…


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