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Books: Lectures on functional equations and their applications
Aczel J., 1966

The solution of functional equations is one of the oldest topics of mathematical analysis. D'Alembert, Euler, Gauss, Cauchy, Abel, Weierstrass, Darboux, and Hilbert are among the great mathematicians …

Books: Introductory Biostatistics for the Health Sciences : Modern Applications Including Bootstrap
Chernick M.R., Friis R.H., 2003

A textbook for an introductory course in statistical methods for undergraduate students in the health sciences who have had high school algebra but not necessarily calculus. A previous statistics cour…

Books: Random Matrix Models and Their Applications
Bleher P., Its A., Levy S., 2001

Random matrices arise from, and have important applications to, number theory, probability, combinatorics, representation theory, quantum mechanics, solid state physics, quantum field theory, quantum …

Books: Hypersingular integral equations and their applications
Lifanov I.K., Poltavskii L.N., Vainikko G.M., 2004

A number of new methods for solving singular and hypersingularintegral equations have emerged in recent years. This volume presentssome of these new methods along with classical and exact,approximate,…

Books: Difference equations with applications to queues
Jagerman D.L., 2000

Jagerman (mathematics, Rutgers U.) explains techniques that he has found particularly useful in solving the many practical problems that have been put to him over the years from such fields as enginee…

Books: Handbook of stochastic analysis and applications
Kannan D. (ed.), Lakshmikantham V. (ed.), 2002

Twelve contributions from mathematicians in the U.S., Russia, China, and Israel present an overview of the analysis of some basic stochastic processes and stochastic equations as well as certain of th…


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