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Books: Mathematical aspects of string theory
Yau S.T., 1987

One way to encourage an exchange of ideas between the two disciplines is to bring the string physicists and interested mathematicians together at a conference. One such conference was held at the Math…

Books: Polynomial aspects of codes, matroids, and permutation groups
Cameron P.J., 2003

Polynomial aspects of codes, matroids, and permutation groups

Books: Automata-Theoretic Aspects of Formal Power Series
Salomaa A., Soittola M., 1978

Automata-Theoretic Aspects of Formal Power Series

Books: Mathematical and quantum aspects of relativity and cosmology
Cotsakis S. (ed.), Gibbons G.W. (ed.), 2000

This book is written in a pedagogical style intelligible for graduate students. It reviews recent progress in black-hole and wormhole theory and in mathematical cosmology within the framework of Einst…

Books: Geometric, control and numerical aspects of nonholonomic systems
Cortes Monforte J., 2002

Nonholonomic systems are a widespread topic in several scientific and commercial domains, including robotics, locomotion and space exploration. This work sheds new light on this interdisciplinary char…

Books: Aspects of symmetry
Coleman S., 1985

This collection of review lectures on topics in theoretical high energy physics has few rivals for clarity of exposition and depth of insight. Delivered over the past two decades at the International …
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