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Books: Bioinformatics. The machine learning approach
Baldi P., Brunak S., 2001

With this work, Baldi and Brunak have provided a sound foundation for the process of classifying and interconnecting the hierarchy of parts encoded by genomic sequence data and their variability. Not …

Books: Bioinformatics
Baxevanis A.D., Ouelette B.F.F., 2001

As the Human Genome Project continues to generate raw sequence information, the successful scientists will be those who can provide a biological interpretation of that data. This guide helps the molec…

Books: Data mining. Multimedia, soft computing, and bioinformatics
Mitra S., Acharya T., 2003

This book is a distinct addition to the field of data mining in its coverage of topics and ideas.The good point about this book is that it explains the central concepts in great details with the requi…

Books: Bioinformatics. Sequence and genome analysis
Mount D.W., 2001

The application of computational methods to DNA and protein science is the newest and most exciting new development in biology. "Bioinformatics: Sequence and Genome Analysis" is a comprehensive functi…

Books: Introduction to bioinformatics
Attwood T.K., Parry-Smith D.J., 1999

The book provides an undergraduate (final year) introduction to bioinformatics focussing on two key areas, genomics and protein sequence analysis. It provides an overview of primary, composite and sec…

Books: Bioinformatics for geneticists
Barnes M.R., Gray I.C., 2003

Bioinformatics for Geneticists describes a step by step approach to key bioinformatics and genetic analysis procedures, based upon practical experience gained after many years of direct bioinformatics…
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