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Books: Stochastic processes in physics, chemistry, and biology
Freund J.A. (ed.), Poeschel T. (ed.), 2000

The theory of stochastic processes provides a huge arsenal of methods suitable for analyzing the influence of noise on a wide range of systems. Noise-induced, noise-supported or noise-enhanced effects…

Books: Cell Biology. Short Course
Bolsover S.R., Hyams J.S., Shephard E.A., 2004

This text tells the story of cells as the unit of life in a colorful and student-friendly manner, taking an "essentials only" approach. By using the successful model of previously published Short Cour…

Books: Foundations of Systems Biology
Kitano H. (ed.), 2001

The emerging field of systems biology involves the application of experimental, theoretical, and modeling techniques to the study of biological organisms at all levels, from the molecular, through the…

Books: Calculating the Secrets of Life: Contributions of the Mathematical Sciences to Molecular Biology
Lander E.S., Waterman M.S. (eds.), 1995

In this first-ever survey of the partnership between mathematics and biology, leading experts look at how mathematical research and methods have made possible important discoveries in biology. Explore…

Books: Science of everyday things (volume 3). Real-life biology
Knight J., 2001

The first two volumes of this series are Real-Life Chemistry and Real-Life Physics, released in 2001. The purpose of the series is to explain scientific phenomena using common real-world examples. Rea…

Books: Artificial Intelligence and Molecular Biology
Hunter L. (ed.), 1993

The enormous amount of data generated by the Human Genome Project and other large-scale biological research has created a rich and challenging domain for research in artificial intelligence. These ori…
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