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Books: Lex
Levine J.R., Manson T., Brown D., 1992

This book shows programmers how to use two UNIX utilities, lex and yacc, in program development. lex and yacc are tools that help programmers build compilers and interpreters, but they also have a wid…

Books: Intelligent tutoring systems
Sleeman D., Brown J.S., 1988

The first volume to appear on this topic and now a classic in the field, "Intelligent Tutoring Systems" provides the reader with descriptions of the major systems implemented before 1981. The introduc…

Books: The analysis of algorithms
Purdom R.W., Brown C.A., 1985

The purpose of this book is to teach the tequniques needed to analyze algorithms. Students should have a background in computer science up through data structures and in mathematics through calculus. …

Books: Computer vision
Ballard D.H., Brown C.M., 1982

The book is organized into four parts, based on descriptions of objects at four different levels of abstraction. 1. Generalized images—images and image-likeentities. 2. Segmented images—images organiz…


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