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Books: Decision making using game theory: an introduction for managers
Anthony Kelly, 2003

Game theory is a key element in most decision making processes involving two or more people or organizations. This book explains how game theory can predict the outcome of complex decision making proc…

Books: Warren Buffett Speaks: Wit and Wisdom from the World Greatest Investor
Janet Lowe, 2007

Most people come to know of Warren Buffett through his ability to generate wealth. However, as Janet Lowe reveals in her book, Warren Buffett Speaks, Buffett is more than a money-making machine. Warre…

Books: All About Stocks
Esme E. Faerber, 2007

Everything an investor needs to know about stocks from trading on the Internet to exploring mutual funds

Books: Mathematics for Business, Science, and Technology
Steven T. Karris, 2001

With this book and a PC, everyone can learn practical math and probability applications at home in his/her own pace.

Books: The New Public Finance: Responding to Global Challenges
Inge Kaul , Pedro Conceicao, 2006

The worlds agenda of international cooperation has changed. The conventional concerns of foreign affairs, international trade, and development assistance, are increasingly sharing the political center…

Books: Business Plans to Game Plans : A Practical System for Turning Strategies into Action
King J.B., 2003

Breaking down complex concepts into simple and effective action plans, author Jan King will help you profit from her extensive experience and avoid common mistakes. This new revised edition elaborates…


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