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Books: Cap Gemini Ernst & Young Guide to Gaining Business Value from Mobile Technologies
Welin-Berger M., Teutloff J., Kornak A., 2004

The rate at which companies are deploying wireless and mobile technology is astounding. But as the dot-com crash demonstrated, implementing solutions without clearly defined business requirements can …

Books: From Business Strategy to IT Action: Right Decisions for a Better Bottom Line
Benson R.J., 2004

From Business Strategy to IT Action shows how CEOs, CFOs, and CIOs can improve their IT investments, control IT budgets, and get the biggest bang for their IT buck. From a coordinated busines

Books: Business as War : Battling for Competitive Advantage
Allard Kenneth, 2003

The author, a former army colonel currently featured as a military analyst on MSNBC and NBC News, is convinced that corporate America can learn vital lessons from the U.S. military. Business executive…

Books: Business vocabulary in use
Mascull B., 2002

Business Vocabulary in Use is a new addition to the best-selling English Vocabulary in Use range. Primarily designed as a self-study reference and practice book, it can also be used for classroom work…

Magazines: "Business Week Россия": 21-27 мая 2007 г.

ШаманоманияКто и как зарабатывает на мифических мирах?Бизнес на бедностиКак американские малоимущие попадают в кредитное рабство и кто на ком наживаетсяУченье-долгВзяв кредит на обучение в колледже, к…

Magazines: Business Week Россия, 18-24 июня 2007 г.

С деньгами по дорогеКто будет инвестировать в федеральные, скоростные и прочие автотрассы.Дело спецтехникиПроизводители грейдеров и экскаваторов готовятся делить рынок.Эрик Эберхардсон: «Мы покупаем в…


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