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Books: The Clocks
Agatha Christie, 1963

Sheila Webb, a typist-for-hire, arrives at her afternoon appointment to find a well-dressed corpse surrounded by five clocks, four of which are stopped at 4:13. When a blind woman enters the house, Sh…

Books: The Hollow
Agatha Christie, 1946

"The charming and eccentric Lucy Angkatell has invited the Cristows, along with a number of other members of the extended family. John is already having an affair with Henrietta Savernake, a talented …

Books: The Man In Lower Ten
Agatha Christie, 2008

Agatha Christie detective

Books: The Man In The Brown Suit
Agatha Christie, 1924

"Nadina, a feted ""Russian"" dancer in Paris receives a visit in her dressing room from a man calling himself Count Sergius Paulovitch. Neither of the pair are Russians

Books: The mirror cracked from side to side
Agatha Christie, 1962

"At first, detecting the murderer is extremely difficult because there seems to be no motive. Because Marina Gregg had given Heather Badcock her own drink shortly after meeting her it is assumed that …

Books: The Moving Finger
Agatha Christie, 1942

"Jerry and Joanna Burton, disaffected siblings from London society, take a country house in idyllic Lymstock so that Jerry can rest from injuries received in a wartime plane crash. They are just getti…


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