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Books: Combinatorial Commutative Algebra
Miller E., Sturmfels B., 2004

Combinatorial commutative algebra is an active area of research with thriving connections to other fields of pure and applied mathematics. This book provides a self-contained introduction to the subje…

Books: Combinatorial theory seminar
van Lint J.H., 1974

Eindhoven University of Technology (Lecture notes in mathematics)

Books: Handbook of combinatorial optimization: supplement volume A
Du D. (ed.), Pardalos P. (ed.), 1999

This volume can be considered as a supplementary volume to the major three-volume Handbook of Combinatorial Optimization published by Kluwer. It can also be regarded as a stand-alone volume which pres…

Books: Combinatorial convexity and algebraic geometry
Ewald G., 1996

This text provides an introduction to the theory of convex polytopes and polyhedral sets, to algebraic geometry and to the fascinating connections between these fields: the theory of toric varieties (…

Books: Combinatorial Optimization
Christofides N., 2000

Combinatorial Optimization

Books: Combinatorial Optimization Lecture Notes
Goldberg A.V., 1991

Combinatorial Optimization Lecture Notes
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