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Books: Compact Manifolds with Special Holonomy
Joyce D.D., 2000

Serving as both a graduate textbook on Reimannian holonomy groups and a research monograph on the exceptional holonomy groups Gc and Spin(7), this book is intended for mathematicians working in differ…

Books: Pseudo-isotopies of compact manifolds
Hatcher A., Wagoner J., 1973

Pseudo-isotopies of compact manifolds

Books: Compact numerical methods for computers
Nash J.C., 1990

This second edition of 'Compact Numerical Methods For Computers' presents reliable yet compact algorithms for computational problems. The author: considers specific mathematical problems of wide appli…

Books: Surgery on compact manifolds
Wall C.T.C., 1999

It is gratifying to learn that there is still sufficient interest in this book for it to be worth producing a new edition. Although there is a case for substan- substantially rewriting some sections, …

Books: Compact complex surfaces
Barth W., Peters C., Van de Ven A., 1984

Compact complex surfaces


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