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Books: McGraw-Hill's engineering companion
Ganic E.N., Hicks T.G., 2003

Here are the tables, formulas, charts, diagrams, figures, key methods and worked-out problems engineers in design, product development, operation, production, analysis, and economic evaluation must ha…

Books: A Companion to Analysis: A Second First and First Second Course in Analysis
Koerner T.W., 2004

Many students acquire knowledge of a large number of theorems and methods of calculus without being able to say how they work together. This book provides those students with the coherent account that…

Books: GPRS in Practice : A Companion to the Specifications
McGuiggan P., 2004

Professionals quickly discover that, although the technical specifications for GPRS cover all parts of the engineering functions in detail and depth, they are lacking in one important feature; the con…

Books: Companion notes. A working excursion to accompany baby Rudin
Silvia E.M., 1999

These notes have been prepared to assist students who are learning Advanced Calculu

Books: The LaTeX Companion (chapter 8)
Goosens M., Rahtz S., 1997

This is an updated version of chapter 8 of the LaTeXCompanion reflecting changes in the AmS-LaTeXdistribution that made parts of this chapter obsolete. It isbased in structure and content on the origi…

Books: The LaTeX Graphics Companion. Illustrating documents with TeX and PostScript
Goosens M., Rahtz S., Mittelbach F., 1997

Complementing The Latex Companion, this new graphics companion book addresses one of the most common needs among users of the LaTeX typesetting system: the incorporation of graphics into text. In addi…
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