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Books: Introduction to Complexity Theory (lecture notes)
Goldreich O., 1999

Introduction to Complexity Theory (lecture notes)

Books: Theory of computational complexity
Du D.-Z., Ko K.-I., 2000

Du and Ko present the fundamentals of complexity theory, including NP-completeness theory, the polynomial-time hierarchy, relativization.The a graduate text...however, it can also be used pr…

Books: Stochastic complexity in statistical inquiry
Rissanen J., 1989

This book describes how model selection and statistical inference can be founded on the shortest code length for the observed data, called the stochastic complexity. This generalization of the algorit…

Books: Formal Complexity of Natural Language
Savitch W.J., Marsh W., Bach M. (eds.), 1987

Formal Complexity of Natural Language

Books: Algorithms and complexity
Wilf H.S., 1994

An internet search for the terms "algorithms and complexity" delivers a myriad of links, topped by the popular website for this book.Updated and back in print, this classic text provides the perfect i…

Books: Finite automata, format logic, and circuit complexity
Straubing H., 1994

The study of the connections between mathematical automata and formal logic is as old as theoretical computer science itself. In the founding paper of the subject, published in 1936, Turing showed how…
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