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Books: Lagrangian Hydrodynamic Computations and Molecular Models of Matter
Birkhoff G., Lynch R., 1961

An analysis is made of the analogy between schemes for integrating the equations of motion of a compressible fluid, in Lagrangian coordinates, and molecular models of matter. Computation schemes invol…

Books: Fundamentals of matrix computations
Watkins D., 2002

A significantly revised and improved introduction to a critical aspect of scientific computationMatrix computations lie at the heart of most scientific computational tasks. For any scientist or engine…

Books: Matrix Computations
Golub G.H., van Loan C.F., 1996

This third edition offers expanded treatment of areas such as CS decomposition, floating point arithmetic, special linear systems, the unsymmetric Lanczos process, and Toeplitz matrix eigenproblems. O…

Books: Computations in Algebraic Geometry with Macaulay 2
Eisenbud D., 2001

This book presents algorithmic tools for algebraic geometry and experimental applications of them. It also introduces a software system in which the tools have been implemented and with which the expe…

Books: Geometric computations with Clifford algebras
Sommer A., 2000

Geometric computations with Clifford algebras


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