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Books: The art of computer programming (vol. 3 Sorting and Searching)
Knuth D.E., 1998

The first revision of this third volume is the most comprehensive survey of classical computer techniques for sorting and searching. It extends the treatment of data structures in Volume 1 to consider…

Books: Mathematics for computer algebra
Mignotte M., 1992

A text for a graduate course in mathematics, for students with at least some basic knowledge of set theory, rational integers, combinatorics (Newton is sufficient), and elementary analysis and algebra…

Books: Computer environments for children
Solomon C., 1986

In this book, Cynthia Solomon takes a welcome look at the possibilities and issues of learning with and about computers in schools or in any other learning environment.

Books: Categories, types, and structures. Introduction to category theory for computer scientists
Asperti A., Longo G., 1991

Category theory is a mathematical subject whose importance in several areas of computer science, most notably the semantics of programming languages and the design of programs using abstract data type…

Books: The Little Black Book of Computer Viruses. Volume 1. Basic Technologies
Ludwig M.A., 1996

The Little Black Book of Computer Viruses. Volume 1. Basic Technologies

Books: The Art and Science of Computer Animation
Mealing S., 1998

Providing an overview of computer animation, from basic principles to more esoteric developments such as virtual reality and parametric modelling, this book is intentionally broad in scope and illumin…


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