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Books: 3D Game Engine Design. A Practical Approach to Real-Time Computer Graphics
Eberly D.H., 2000

3D Game Engine Design is the first book to go beyond basic descriptions of algorithms and accurately demonstrate the complex engineering process required to design and build a real-time graphics engin…

Books: Mathematics and computer science 3. Algorithms, trees, combinatorics and probabilities
Drmota M., Flajolet P., Gardy D., 2004

This book contains invited and contributed papers on combinatorics, random graphs and networks, algorithms analysis and trees, branching processes, constituting the Proceedings of the 3rd Internationa…

Books: Some tapas of computer algebra
Cohen A.M., Cuypers H., Sterk H., 1999

This book arose from a series of courses on computer algebra which were given at Eindhoven Technical University. Its chapters present a variety of topics in computer algebra at an accessible (upper un…

Books: Computer vision
Ballard D.H., Brown C.M., 1982

The book is organized into four parts, based on descriptions of objects at four different levels of abstraction. 1. Generalized images—images and image-likeentities. 2. Segmented images—images organiz…

Books: Computer modeling of chemical reactions in enzymes and solutions
Warshel A., 1997

Examines computer modeling of enzyme reactions (including enzyme kinetics), techniques popular in the fields of physical, organic, and biochemistry as well as pharmaceutical research. Includes practic…

Books: Computer simulation of liquids
Allen M. P., Tildesley D. J., 1987

A first in its field, this book is both an introduction to computer simulation of liquids for upper level undergraduates and a how-to guide for specialists. The authors discuss the latest simulation t…


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