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Books: Chaos and Fractals: The Mathematics Behind the Computer Graphics
Devaney R.L., Keen L., 1989

This volume contains the proceedings of a highly successful AMS Short Course on Chaos and Fractals, held during the AMS Centennial Celebration in Providence, Rhode Island in August 1988. Chaos and fra…

Books: Knapsack problems: algorithms and computer implementations
Martello S., Toth P., 1990

Here is a state of art examination on exact and approximate algorithms for a number of important NP-hard problems in the field of integer linear programming, which the authors refer to as ``knapsack.'…

Books: An Introduction to Numerical Analysis for Electrical and Computer Engineers
Zarowski C.J., 2004

An Introduction to Numerical Analysis for Electrical and Computer Engineers

Books: Geometric Methods and Applications: For Computer Science and Engineering
Gallier J., 1998

As an introduction to fundamental geometric concepts and tools needed for solving problems of a geometric nature using a computer, this book attempts to fill the gap between standard geometry books, w…

Books: Dynamical Systems and Fractals : Computer Graphics Experiments with Pascal
Becker K.H., Dörfler M., 1990

This study of chaos, fractals and complex dynamics is intended for anyone familiar with computers. While keeping the mathematics to a simple level with few formulas, the reader is introduced to an are…

Books: Privacy Protection and Computer Forensics(Artech House Computer Security Series)
Caloyannides Michael A., 2004

This revised edition of an Artech House bestseller goes far beyond the typical computer forensics books on the market, emphasizing how to protect one's privacy from data theft and hostile computer for…


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