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Books: Instructions for standard E-6B computer slide rule FDF14, FDF15

In navigation several types of arithmetical problems constantly arise. Since speed and accuracy are of the utmost importance in navigation, you need a method of solving these problems which is both qu…

Books: Computer science with mathematica
Maeder R.E., 2000

Computer algebra systems have revolutionized the use of computers within mathematics research, and are currently extending that revolution to the undergraduate mathematics curriculum. But the power of…

Books: 3-D computer graphics. A mathematical introduction with openGL
Buss S.R., 2003

This introduction to 3D computer graphics emphasizes fundamentals and the mathematics underlying computer graphics, while also covering programming techniques using OpenGL, a platform-independent grap…

Books: Speech and language-based interaction with machines: towards the conversational computer
Waterworth J.A., Talbot M., 1987

This book has its origins in a programme of work conducted at British Telecom Research Laboratories, aimed at developing easily usable, intelligent systems, based on human-computer interaction via spo…

Books: The Design and Analysis of Computer Experiments
Santner T.J., Williams B.J., Notz W.I., 2003

This book describes methods for designing and analyzing experiments that are conducted using a computer code rather than a physical experiment. It discusses how to select the values of the factors at …

Books: Computer Assisted Language Learning
Yazdani M., Gelling R. (eds.), 1989

Computer Assisted Language Learning


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