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Books: How to think like a computer scientist
Downey A.B., 2002

This book is an excellent introduction to the process of programming. It focuses on the theories and methods used, and not just a 'type this and it will do blarg' approach to teaching the language. I …

Books: Combinatorics for computer science
Williamson S., 1985

Useful guide covers two major subdivisions of combinatorics — enumeration and graph theory — with emphasis on conceptual needs of computer science. Each part is divided into a "basic concepts" chapter…

Books: Modern computer algebra
von zur Gathen J., Gerhard J., 1999

Computer algebra systems are gaining more and more importance in all areas of science and engineering. This textbook gives a thorough introduction to the algorithmic basis of the mathematical engine i…

Books: Psychology of computer programming
Weinberg G.M., 1971

This book has only one major purpose—to trigger the beginning of a new field of study: computer programming as a human activity, or, in short, the psychology of computer programming. All other goals a…

Books: Curves and surfaces in computer aided geometric design
Yamaguchi F., 1988

The material for the book started life as a set of notes for computer aided geometric design courses which I had at the graduate schools of both computer science, the university of Utah in U.S.A. and …

Books: Computer imaging recipes in C
Myler H.R., Weeks A.R., 1993

This book is intended for engineers, scientists and technicians who require knowledge of techniques of image processing. The book is arranged by algorithms suite-making it useful as a reference guide …


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