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Books: Color theory and modeling for computer graphics, visualization, and multimedia applications
Levkowitz H., 1997

Color Theory and Modeling for Computer Graphics, Visualization, and Multimedia Applications deals with color vision and visual computing. This book provides an overview of the human visual system with…

Books: The art of computer programming (vol. 2 Seminumerical Algorithms)
Knuth D.E., 1997

Volume 2 of Donald Knuth's classic series The Art of Computer Programming covers seminumerical algorithms, with topics ranging from random number generators to floating point operations and other opti…

Books: The art of computer programming (Vol. 2. Seminumerical algorithms)
Knuth D.E., 1981

This multivolume work on the analysis of algorithms has long been recognized as the definitive description of classical computer science. The three complete volumes published to date already comprise …

Books: Computer and intractability. A guide to the theory of NP-completeness
Garey M.R., Johnson D.S., 1979

This book's introduction features a humorous story of a man with a line of people behind him, who explains to his boss, "I can't find an efficient algorithm, but neither can all these famous people." …

Books: Algorithms for computer algebra
Geddes K.O., Czapor S.R., Labahn G., 1992

Algorithms for Computer Algebra is the first comprehensive textbook to be published on the topic of computational symbolic mathematics. The book first develops the foundational material from modern al…

Books: Curves and surfaces for computer aided geometric design
Farin G., 1997

This unified treatment of curve and surface design concepts is the Fourth Edition of the popular text, Curves and Surfaces for Computer-Aided Geometric Design, Third Edition (Academic Press, 1992). As…


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