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Books: Scalable Quantum Computers: Paving the Way to Realization
Braunstein S.L., Hoi-Kwong Lo, Kok P., 2001

Quantum computers hold the promise of solving problems that would otherwise be intractable with conventional computers. Some prototypes of the simplest elements needed to build a quantum computer have…

Books: Compact numerical methods for computers
Nash J.C., 1990

This second edition of 'Compact Numerical Methods For Computers' presents reliable yet compact algorithms for computational problems. The author: considers specific mathematical problems of wide appli…

Books: Understanding computers and cognition
Winograd T., 1987

This is an excellent text which describes an approach to using computers to perform an enabling role within corporate enterprises by using their ability to allow clearer understanding between particip…

Books: Socially intelligent agents. Creating relationships with computers and robots
Dautehnahn K., Bond A.H., Canamero L., 2002

The field of Socially Intelligent Agents (SIA) is a fast growing and increasingly important area that comprises highly active research activities and strongly interdisciplinary approaches. Socially In…

Books: Dynamic Memory. A Theory of Reminding and Learning in Computers and People
Schank R.C., 1982

Roger Schank's influential book, Dynamic Memory (CUP 1982), described how computers could learn based on what was known about how people learn. Since that book's publication, Dr. Schank has turned his…

Books: Getting Computers to Talk Like You and Me. Discourse Context, Focus, and Semantics (An ATN Model)
Reichman R., 1985

Getting a computer to understand our everyday language may be a long way off
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