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Books: Guide to Management Ideas
Tim Hindle, 2003

This lively and authoritative guide explores the 100 ideas that have most influenced approaches to business management during the past 100 years--and which are likely to continue to do so long into th…

Books: Basic Concepts and their Interpretation
Zeh H.D., 2000

Basic Concepts and their Interpretation

Books: Some concepts of algebraic geometry
Schlichenmaier M., 1994

Some concepts of algebraic geometry

Books: Quantum theory: concepts and methods
Peres A., 2003

One of the rare books that give a deep and balanced account of Quantum Theory... Concepts are emphasized as much as techniques. Anyone who wants to understand (as opposed to merely use) quantum mechan…

Books: Basic Concepts of Synthetic Differential Geometry
Lavendhomme R., 1996

Starting at an introductory level, the book leads rapidly to important and often new results in synthetic differential geometry. From rudimentary analysis the book moves to such important results as: …

Books: Concepts of particle physics (volume 2)
Gottfried K., Weisskopf V.F., 1986

The second volume of this authoritative work traces the material outlined in the first, but in far greater detail and with a much higher degree of sophistication. The authors begin with the theory of …
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